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Distribution sacrificial meat to the poor

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Seasonal relief projects

The distribution of food parcels Project

Rowad Society distributed thousands of food parcels to the poor throughout the year and especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

Projects of food parcels are funded by donors, good people and the society itself seeking to help the poor and needy under these difficult economic situations.

The projects of Ramadan include: the charity plate and Iftar meal which are offered to the poor and needy families in the Gaza Strip.
These projects seek to alleviate the sufferings of people in the blockade Gaza Strip who are facing problems in gaining their livings which make them suffer from a dire poverty.

Dish charity Project
The society also implements project of one body which targets the poor families, this project confirms the society s message that is entrenching and consolidating the values of social solidarity. This project seeks to provide food and basic needs to the poor families in the holy month of Ramadan.

The distribution of alms and financial aid project
Rowad society implements distribution of alms and financial aid project during Ramadan in order to make poor families and orphans happy and satisfied. This project comes to alleviate the financial burdens of the poor families under the Israeli siege and difficult economic conditions, especially after the fierce war on the Gaza Strip.

Eid clothes project seeks to make poor people and orphans happy in the Eids by offering them new clothes, especially after the fierce war of 2014 on the Gaza Strip that caused massive destruction; it also aims to chive the principle of social solidarity.

Rowad society implements this project that is funded by donors and good people each year and it distributes sacrificial meat to the needy in the Gaza Strip and this project is considered as one of the most important projects implemented by the society.

This project represents the role of Rowad in helping the marginalized families in the Gaza Strip and it cooperates with many charities and good people in the Gaza Strip. 

School bag project is considered as one of the most projects implemented by the society at the beginning of each new school year, it aims to alleviate financial burdens of poor families that cannot offer basic needs to their sons and to draw smiles on the faces of poor students.

And as education is very important to the Palestinians for its role in developing the human life, Rowad cares of Palestinian students in the Gaza Strip and at the beginning of each new school year it distributes school bags to the needy students in order to help them complete their studies without obstacles.

This project comes to help the Palestinians suffering from the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and its consequences like power cut which lasts for 16 hours a day.


This project is to alleviate problems caused by using the candles, especially after burning of houses of poor families due to the use of candles which caused the death of children.


This project is entitled by "Led, the secure houses" and it is based on using LED lamps.


This project is one of many others that implemented by the society in Winter to alleviate the burdens of stricken families under the difficult economic conditions due to the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for 9 years and Israeli attack against the Strip in summer of 2014.

Rowad Society for social Development distributes winter clothes (coat, shoes, hat, scarf and gloves) to hundreds of poor families in the Gaza Strip within the societys activities and projects concerning winter.

Rowad implements such project to help and support needy families and to make them happy, alleviate their burdens and meet their needs under extreme cold weather.