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Distribution sacrificial meat to the poor

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Permanent relief Programs

As Islam cares of orphans," Come not nigh to the orphan s property except to improve it", Rowad society considers the orphans sponsorship as one of the most important projects implemented by the society for the orphans have no sustainer.

Rowad society attaches great importance to the orphans and martyrs sons and it established a special program for them seeking to provide them with their basic needs and organizing celebrations and trips for them. 

This program comes to confirm the society s message that is based on helping and supporting the Palestinian families to limit the spread of poverty and unemployment in order to achieve the principle of social solidarity.


This project is to provide monthly sponsorships to the poorest families in the Palestinian community by giving a monthly cash sponsorship offered by rich families to poor ones.   

Rowad Society seeks to help the poor patients and disabled offering them the cost of medical examination, treatment, treatment abroad, surgeries and medical equipment and devices. 

Education is considered as one of the most important sectors in the Gaza Strip; however, there are a lot of poor students who could not pay for their tuition fees or daily expenses. Therefore, Rowad Society seeks to offer cash aid for poor students which would help them complete their studies.

Food is one of the serious problems in the Gaza Strip that has been suffering from the Israeli siege, this siege has impact on all life fields in the Strip as the loss of food security. Statistics indicate that more that 70% of Gazans are suffering from the loss of food security which pushes the society to implement this project for years and throughout the year.