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Distribution sacrificial meat to the poor

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Emergency And Relief Projects

During catastrophes and disasters that talk place in the region, Rowad doubles its efforts to make contacts with charities inside and outside Palestine in order to offer help to the affected and stricken people. From its establishment, Rowad Society for Social Development adopts various relief programs and projects to serve the needy families and alleviate their sufferings under difficult economic conditions and repeated attacks on the Gaza Strip.


This project is one of the society’s goals to support the Palestinians and their steadfastness, especially after the last war on the Gaza Strip in summer of 2014, as this war depleted the capacities and facilities of the hospitals and clinics in the Strip. This project aims to distribute free medications to the needy families and hold free medical days.

Rowad offers various kinds of aid in order to alleviate sufferings of the poor families and provide them with their basic needs. Rowad offers urgent cash and food aid due to their serious need; it helps them until they can get sustenance or sponsorship.

The Gazans live under a severe humanitarian crisis due to difficult economic, social, living, medical, social and educational conditions and the inability in moving to gain livings or to study.

The siege imposed on the Strip and economic conditions contribute in increasing rate of unemployment, poverty and food insecurity, especially after the Israeli siege imposed on the Strip since 2006. During this siege tens of thousands lost their jobs and sustenance and necessary materials disappeared from the market.

Wars on the Gaza Strip made the situation worse as they caused a lot of dead and wounded, destruction in public places, buildings, health and educational institutions and worship places. The war on summer 2014 was the fiercest attack against the Strip which leads charities to double their efforts to help the impacted and affected families.  

Therefore, Rowad Society for Social Development does hard work to bring joy to the Gazans life by offering temporary houses for the displaced due to the wars on Gaza, especially under extreme cold weather. 

Restoration of destroyed and worn-out houses project is considered one of the most important projects supervised by the society seeking to:

-Make the poor family happy and satisfied.
-Renovate the worn-out houses.
-Offer basic needs to the poor families.
-Move these families to secure and good conditions.
-Deliver charity to people who really need it.