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Speech of the society s chairman

Speech of the society s chairman "Giving is continuous" At our dear countries Palestine and particularly in the Gaza Strip, charity institutions are considered one of the most important ways to support the Palestinian people at his land as these institutions belong to this people and understand well its different needs.


These institutions are also considered as the lungs by which a large segment of people breath, those people who suffered from fierce wars, exile, deprivation, prison and the Israeli siege that paralyzed every things and fierce wars that destroyed humans, tress and buildings. From our first steps in charity work, we sought to establish Rowad Society for Social Development and present the best way to perform charity work in all its kinds, because we realize that our people are passing through a difficult phase and suffering from a lot of problems such as the siege, limited resources and shortage of capabilities.


We also believe that it is our duty to help our people to have god life and to obtain all of their rights.


Our people are suffering from an unjust siege imposed by the Israeli Occupation, because they decides to obtain their freedom in all ways, the Occupation imposes starvation war and siege to punish them for their steadfastness and patience. The Israelis provoke problems in fields of living, medication, electricity, water and construction materials. The steadfastness of our people becomes a legend and there are a lot of good convoys that visited Gaza offering aid, support and help to this patient people. The executioner, Israel, was not satisfied with all methods of torture against the Palestinians; Israel waged 3 fierce wars on the Gaza Strip which wreaked havoc on. However, the enemies of this people were losers as they could not destroy determination of the Gazans and these wars strengthened them and made them staunch and patient.


Rowad plays an important role in making contacts and building bridges with donors and institutions seeking to help our people who deserve love and giving. "Good Rowad" is distinguished by its achievements, services, programs and achievements and it is remarkable as it can determine the needs of society and use modern policies. Everyone notices that Rowad is remarkable in charity work fields including: relief, development, youth, health, sports, childhood and empowerment of the Palestinian families. Finally, we express our deep love, respect and thank for all the kind, good and merciful people and institutions who offer their help. We really appreciate their humanitarian role expressing solidarity and sympathy values which would spread goodness between all humans as Allah Says in the Holy Quran,: "Then shall anyone who has done an atom s weight of good, see it" Alzalzalh. And our immortal slogan which would always be in our heart and life "With Rowad, we rise up towards goodness".


Chairman of the Board

Mr. Rabah Mohammed Bekhiet