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About the society

About the society:


Some professionals and experienced in charity and development works started the work at society in order to meet the social, educational, healthy, sportive and development needs of the Palestinian people. The Society for Social Development has been established in 2009 with an authorization certificate “8105” seeking to create strong ties with humanitarian donor characters and institutions inside and outside of Palestine to alleviate the financial and moral sufferings of the Palestinian people. The society has become a member of Union of Charitable Foundations in the Gaza Strip.



Our Society for Social Development is services society seeking to be distinguished in community integration and economic, social and moral empowerment for the marginalized families in the Gaza Strip in order to make them active individuals in developing their community.




Our Society for Social Development is an independent civil non-profit organization aims to achieve community integration and economic, social and moral empowerment for the marginalized families through family empowerment and community integration programs which come in accordance with human rights principles including: empowering, participating, equality, non-discrimination and accountability.





Our Society is committed to the following values:

Serving others as the best person is the one who benefits all human beings.

Honor of working as the upper hand is better than the lower one.

Sincerity in work as it is the soul of responsibility.

 Cooperation in charity work field.

Developing human beings and protecting their dignity as they are main elements in continuing the community.

 Initiative, where the society seeks to achieve the best creative ideas and charitable practices and encourage social participation.

Partnership as the society cooperates and coordinates with local and international charity institution.


General goals:

Enabling the Palestinian families to have good life.

Developing the abilities of youth in their community.

 Empowering the Palestinian women to deliver the message of their society.

 Takin care of Palestinian children and creating relations with children s institutions.

Taking care of the Palestinian families educationally, healthy, socially and culturally.