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Distribution sacrificial meat to the poor

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Developmental Programs

This project aims to provoke the abilities of the needy families and those who have initiatives of productive projects and live under difficult conditions in order to prepare and implement small projects which support them regardless of any adds.

The idea of the project seeks to submit a Good Loan with value ranging from 1500- 3000$.


The said goad loan shall be repaid by a monthly installments in short period not exceeded 3 months after the implementation of the small project. Because of the continuity of this program, many projects were implemented in Gaza Strip.


This project supports the policy of the organization that aimed to ease the living conditions for unemployed particularly those who sustain large families.

This project gains special importance as a result of the suffocated siege that imposed over Gaza Strip, the rising of unemployment ranges and the destruction of the infrastructure and economic case of the Palestinian people.


All the said reasons motivate " Rowad" Society to the implement small development programs by accessible mechanics and controls consistent with the principle of the Islamic finance. 

Because of the society s interest of keeping up with changes of labor market and improving youth abilities particularly graduates as well as the importance of saving the supportive programs and the community development programs for individuals, the society seeks to implement many of training courses and workshops for needy student. 

This project aimed to heal the social and psychological effects of severe wars over Gaza Strip that harmed particularly children.

"Rowad" society focuses greatly on children as this project contained a series of development projects for Gaza Strip children along with the policy of the society that supported the psychological and social events and activities as well as the attempt to alleviate the psychological harm of children through entertainment and discussions.

The project contained sessions include main themes like the central and amusing theme. The central theme includes the following programs; the ability of speak, psychotherapy for children, know yourself, the sun everyday raise, imagine the beautiful place, our secure country, save environment while the amusing theme includes the cat and the mice, volleyball, the net-fishing and the fisherman, me and the mice, the horse and the border and the beautiful watch.        

Considering the importance of Gaza Strip youth in achieving the significant change and the comprehensive community development, "Rowad" society for human development arranges different training courses and workshops. These courses concern on improving the administrative skills and the human development of youth.


"Rwoad" organization implements the " Seeking Glory" project – Nothra ela al-Mali project- continuously. Seeking glory project submits final revisions for high school students in both scientific and literary branches as part of its effort in supporting the educational level and providing a high quality services for our student.

The socity focuses at that stage on providing the best of its services to the high school students in conjunction with the access of the final exams. These revisions concern on reviewing the curriculum with students, answering all their questions, securing them at the time of submitting exams and achieving high grades.   

The English Language institute of "Rowad" organization holds regularly courses of English language conversations for male and female students, These courses include listening and speaking shows and video and audio shows as well as it motivate student to participate.

Therefore these courses promote English listening and speaking skills and build up English language and its vocabulary. 

Because of the hard conditions around our children, Rowad society seeks to set up many of summer camps in order to make our children happy and optimistic. The society arranges leisure days for its blind orphans, other orphans and their families in order to create a homely atmosphere. The society provides the best of services to those Palestinian people at that day and to be kind with them.


In addition, the society performs a summer camps to promote students talents and abilities and build up the creative person who benefits his/her religion and nation.


The summer camps include creative programs such as intelligence mental arithmetic (IMA), lectures about historical characters, practical courses like first aid courses, tennis and courses of swimming, riding and football. The camps also contain human development courses that focus on promote youth abilities in order to build up leading figure who is able to make change in future.        

Holy Quran is the words of Allah that save whoever follow its orders. The Holy Quran verses order us to be generous and merciful and help needy people as well.

Therefore, we seek to participate on supporting the process of keeping  the Holy Quran, The socity establishes a final celebrations of the Quranic competitions like "Iqra a w irtaqi" competition for Quran keepers and submits financial rewards for its winners. This tributes serve Holy Quran and its keepers as well as it aim to promote the process of keeping the Holy Quran.

The society  ensures also a Quranic courses by providing rewards to its students encouraging them to keep Quran verses accurately.

Moreover, the society ensures teachers for the process of Quran keeping