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Rowad Association Organizes a Recreational Trip for Orphaned Children


 Rowad Association for Society Development has organized a recreational trip for 100 orphaned orphans last Thursday.

This recreational trip comes within the program of "comprehensive care for orphans", which includes psychological and recreational care for them. The Director of the Association, Mr. Mohammed Abu Sido, said that the aim of the trip is to try to bring joy to the hearts of participants and recreation and help them to ease the atmosphere of pressure they live, and work to integrate them and increase their participation in community and family in addition to create an appropriate psychological atmosphere.

The trip included a variety of entertainment and competitions at Al Noor Entertainment City, with breakfast and lunch, and then the Sharm Park amusement. The trip concluded by distributing gifts to all participating children. The participants thanked the Pioneers Association for their efforts to make them happy..

Date: 2018-07-19
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