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Rowad receives delegation from Turkish Red Crescent



A delegation from the Turkish Red Crescent, represented by the head of the mission, Mr. Yagit Olchai, received by Rowad Assoication for society Development at Abi MudianShua’iab Al-Telmecany Endowment in Gaza. The delegation was received by Mr. Rabah Bukhait, the chairman of the association, Dr. Mohammed Abu al-Khair, the chairman’s deputy and Dr.ajid Yassin, the secretary.

For his part, Bukhait opened the meeting by welcoming the visiting delegation, introducing Rowad Association and its continuous work which has been operating for 10 consecutive years through various relief and development programs targeting various segments of society. Bukhait also praised the role of the leading Turkish Red Crescent at the regional and local level represented in the besieged Gaza Strip, and the generous efforts that it is exerting in order to alleviate the difficult and harsh situation experienced by the Strip.

During the visit, a video was presented about the activities of the association. The delegation then visited the facilities of Abu Madin Shuaib Al-Tlemceni endowment to learn about the different sections of the endowment. Ulchai praised Rowad's efforts in implementing humanitarian projects and its clear and effective humanitarian intervention. He also expressed his thanks for the good reception and hospitality, stressing the need and importance of a joint cooperation between the Crescent and the Association of Rowad in many relief projects during the year 2018.

Date: 2018-03-15
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