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Rowad implements project of setting “Filters” for patients with kidney failure


Rowad Association for Society Development implemented the project of "Filters’ Installation" for the patients with kidney failure. 50 patients from various areas of the Gaza Strip have benefited from the project that is funded with generous support from Al-Dafa'a Fund in the Republic of Indonesia.


For his side, Eng. Mohammed Abosido, the Director of the Association, said that this project comes in line with the noble goal of Rowad to provide a healthy life for patients, especially those suffering from kideny failure and needing continuously to filtered and purified water.  
Regarding the project’s stages, they include: the association’s announcement for opening the registration for patients, field visits and follow-up for the patients’ medical reports, testing the water’s quality, installing the filters, and finally the final evaluation of the device’s performance and the quality of desalinated water after the installation to suit the international quality standards of water according to the WHO, which recommends that the proportion of salts "TDS" has to be only between 50-250.

For their side, the beneficiaries expressed their deep gratitude to the staffs of the Doafa’a Fund in Indonesia; they also praised the efforts of Rowad for its quick respond to meet their needs and to implement the project professionally.

Date: 2018-03-20
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